About Booking The Opera House

Booking the Opera House


The Opera House is available to hire for any type of event that requires a ‘proscenium arch’ venue. It is also available for wedding ceremonies, funerals, conferences, public meetings, fashion shows, concerts and similar. We are always open to discussion about any event.


To view the calendar of available dates click here. If the date you require is not available, please enquire. The calendar is a guide only and is not definitive.


Before placing a booking please read the Conditions Contract, Ticketing Contract and other information documents on the Document Downloads page. Note that there are different Conditions Contracts and Ticketing Contracts for Professional and Local Non Professional bookings. To qualify for a local non professional booking the hirer must be a Wanganui based registered charity or  Wanganui based educational organisation. However, by making an appointment with the Manager a reduction may be negotiated for other Wanganui special events. A special rate applies for wedding ceremonies and funerals.


To initiate a booking complete the online booking form, ensuring your contact details are accurate as we may wish to contact you prior to confirmation. When your booking enquiry has been processed you will receive written confirmation. Please allow 5 working days for the confirmations to be processed.


The final confirmation will require a signed contract and a deposit as per conditions.

N.B The person signing the contract must be 18 or over.

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